HeY, I’m Avery

A digital creator

Hey, I’m Avery Wilhite.


Although my business has only been a “thing” for a short time, my passion for taking photos and videos has existed as far back as I can remember. 

I come from a family of photographers. In his early days, my grandfather was a professional photographer with a developing studio in his house. My dad followed along with the hobby, taking pictures and video for different events and using that skill in his profession as Communication Director. My brother, during his college years, also expressed a passion for this hobby as well. He began his own photography/videography business while at Troy University, taking portraits of graduates and eventually growing into a professional wedding videographer/photographer. 


It all started when I got my first video camera, a Flip Recorder. For those who don’t remember these awesome devices, here’s a picture. It was amazing. I, along with my brother and next door neighbors at the time, made multiple videos for my brother’s YouTube channel. Sadly, the channel is not up anymore, else I would show you those cinematic masterpieces. 


As you can tell, this great hobby runs in our family. So it would make sense for me to follow suit and join in on the fun!


Currently, I’m a sophomore at the University of Mobile in Mobile, AL, majoring in Digital Media and Advertising. I love my school. It has provided me with many opportunities that I would not have gotten anywhere else. For example, I am the current Director of Good Work Agency, a student-run, full-service marketing agency, run out of the School of Business. 


Just in the past year I have had so many opportunities to advance my skill of taking photos/videos. 


At the start of the year, I filmed a highlight video of First Baptist Fairhope’s Outfitter Weekend for their youth group. The next month, I filmed a similar style video for my home church. During the summer I worked as a Video Producer for FugeCamps, which is a branch of LifeWay Christian Resources. As the VP, I made two weekly recap videos for adults and campers to be able to look back on once they left. That was a dream job. 


Now, during this Fall semester, I travel with a music group called RamCorps where I serve as the group’s on board Photographer, Videographer, and Social Media Manager. With the group, I travel every weekend, all over the country/world. Recently we travel to New York where we played in Carnegie Hall.  In the Spring, we will be traveling to lots of cool places, including on a K-Love Christian Music Cruise, Italy, and Washington D.C. 

Here’s one of my bucket shots from a neighbor in Brooklyn called DUMBO >


I love my story. Stories define who we are and why we view the world the way we do. 

And here’s where you come in. I want to help tell your story. Whether that be the story of your marriage, family, business, etc. Photos/Videos are a perfect way to tell your story and I would love to share yours. 


So, if you’re interested, let’s get coffee and talk about you! 

Shoot me a message here and I’ll get back with ya. 

Talk soon, 


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